Dothill Primary School

What have Y1 been up to?

Summer Term 1

Week 2: 

This week we have begun a multiplication and division topic in Maths. We have been learning to count in twos this week. We've used lots of Maths equipment and enjoyed listening to songs to help us. This is one of 1Ms favourites : The Counting By Twos Song. There was some excitement in class this week when our leek seeds began to grow. Hopefully our other seeds will start to sprout soon. Also in Science this week we had to make a flower and label the roots, stem, flower, petals and leaves. We looked at some flowers that Mrs Wood brought into school and tried to copy them. We also went into the forest and explored the colours of different materials and tried to make flowers with the materials we could find. We had lots of fun.





Week 1:

Year 1 have had a busy week back at school. We have started lots of new topics. In Science we have begun learning about Plants. We have planted 5 different vegetable seeds. We can't wait to see what happens to our seeds. In P.E this week we have begun a Dance topic about the Seasons, this week was Winter and we had to devise our own Ice Skating motif. In Maths we have finished our volume and capacity topic by looking at the capacity of different containers and working out how many cubes each could hold. As part of our writing lessons we have read a lovely new story called 'The Extraordinary Gardener' by Sam Boughton. We have done some amazing writing to go with this story this week.



Spring Term 2


Week 5:

In our Science lessons, we explored our sense of smell and carried out a 'blind sniff test' where we had to describe and guess mystery smells including banana, garlic, soap, lemon and blue cheese! 

The children have been working hard on their homework projects and we shared them with our classes this week. They all did a great job and should be very pleased with themselves. A big thank you to you as their parents for encouraging and supporting them to complete this.     


Week 4: 

In Maths, we have been exploring measures, in particular length and height. We have been comparing the length and height of objects using 'longer than, shorter than and equal to'. We have also been using cubes to help us to measure objects. 

We also had great fun tasting a range of foods in our Science lesson and deciding whether they were sour, sweet, bitter or salty! 

Week 3: 

In Maths, we have continued learning about numbers up to 50 and have begun to place these numbers on a number line. We have started a new book in our Talk Through Stories lessons called 'My Must-Have Mum'. We have considered  the characters' feelings and, as always, have had great fun showing these feelings using facial expressions. 


Week 2 : This week we have started a new topic in Maths we are counting to 50, counting in tens and learning how to make numbers using tens and ones. We have written sentences using the vocabulary from our story 'Billy's Bucket'. In Science we have been learning about our hearing. We had fun making lots of different sounds, we learnt that sound travels through the air in waves. We talked about how deaf people communicate and had a go at making the letters of our names in sign language.


This was also a really exciting week because on Tuesday we visited the Museum of Iron in Ironbridge. This was to help with our history. We are learning about where we live and will be looking at the Ironbridge and why it is important. We had a lovely day exploring the museum and finding lots of different objects made from iron.


Week 1 : The first week back and we have begum lots of new topics. In Science we have begun to learn about our 5 senses. This week we leant about sight. We really enjoyed watching what happened to our pupils when the lights were turned off and on. In our writing lessons this week we have read a new story 'Billy's Bucket' and have written about what Billy saw in his bucket.

In Maths we have completed our work on addition and subtraction with numbers below 20. In History we learn about the history of Dothill. We learnt that Dothill used be used to be a large park with deer and that there used to be jousting competitions on the lake. In P.E we have begun our bat and ball lessons and learn how to correctly hold a tennis racket. We used held a beanbag on our racket and pretended it was a pancake. We had to try and toss it to turn it over.


Spring Term 1

Week 5 : A finishing off week! We have completed all of our topics for this half term. We have completed our Science topic about animals by learning about Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores. We had to design a lunch menu for an animal from each group. In our writing lessons we read Handa's Hen by Eileen Browne and wrote about the animals she saw whilst looking for her lost hen. Tuesday was Safer Internet Day - we spent the day learning about technology in the past. We looked at devices that were used to listen to music, play games and make telephone calls in the past. 1M enjoyed playing on Mrs Maltby's Gameboy! We read a story with Mo and Jaz and learnt what to do if something we don't like appears when we are online.



Week 4 : This week we have been learning our number bonds to 20. We have used tens frames, Numicon and Rekenreks to help us find the answers. In our writing lessons we have been using vocabulary from Owl Babies to write sentences. Our favourite words to use were 'swooped' and 'fussy'. In Science we have been learning how to group animals. We learnt about amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. We had to design our own impossible animal (an animal that doesn't fit into one group), this was fun. In PSHE we have been discussing sometimes there is more than one step to completing a job. We followed the steps to make a stretchy flower.


Week 3 : This week we have completed our work on numbers to 20 in Maths. We have read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and have written about the story.


We have continued to use the P.E equipment for our gymnastics lessons. This week we had to pretend to be animals at the zoo. In our Jigsaw lesson this week we learnt about working together and how difficult this can be. We had to design a welly with a partner. We learnt that it can be difficult when you and your partner have different ideas but you have to compromise sometimes to get the job done! As part of our animal topic we used recycled materials to print a picture of an animal. Here is some of our work: 



Week 2 : This week we have continued to work on our numbers to 20 and have been learning our number bonds to 20. We have had a go at printing with recycled materials (if you have anything at home you think would make an interesting print please send it into school). In PSHE we had to think of four instructions to make a jam sandwich and then our teacher followed our steps to make the sandwich. We were then set some challenges - we had to make a domino track, build a tower out of cards and make a dog out of playdough. We had to think carefully about the steps we needed for this. In P.E we have started gymnastics and got the equipment out for the first time! 



Week 1 : This has been an exciting week as we have begun all our new topics for the Spring term.

In Maths we are learning to count to 20 and write and order numbers up to 20. We have been using some games on the Top Marks web-site to reinforce this.

In our Talk Through Stories lessons we have begun to read 'Gecho's Echo' by Lucy Rowland. We will continue working on this for another week.Gecko's Echo : Rowland, Lucy, Rimmington, Natasha: Books

In art we have begun to look at the print work of Alan Birch and identified that he uses mostly black and white in his pictures. In Music Miss Dawes has begun to teach us to play the Glockenspiel!